Tommy Code


  • Set Design
  • Film Making
  • Acting
  • Music

Tommy Code was a work based learning programme that gave a group of young people the opportunity to write, direct, film and edit an industry standard short story/teaser for an idea for a feature film working with professional filmmakers from The Broadway and Donkeystone Films. The young people also worked with a professional orchestra - Sinfonia Viva - to compose and play on the atmospheric soundtrack to the film and were also mentored by record producer Joe Buddha to record and mix the track. The bedroom set featured in the piece was also designed and built in the small studio inside the Broadway Cinema, Nottingham by some of the young people involved who were mentored by an interior architecture graduate after extensive historical research. The whole piece was researched and written with a whole back story to the characters and served as an inspirational starting point for this literacy based project. The two main characters in the film were played by first time actors Oliver Warrington and Liam Kemmitt who came to be acting as participants in previous Greenshoots project DIVERSE.


The whole bedroom was designed, built and dressed by a group of young people in a studio at The Broadway Media Centre, Nottingham, with the help of Billie Moult, a graduate of Nottingham Universities' Architecture course. said "It was great seeing it all come together after we researched the look of a sixties' style room and it looked really real when you saw it through the camera and in the final film".


It was a fantastic experience for the actors. Oliver Warrington, who played Tommy Code, said "..I'd done some acting in school plays and other things like that, but it was really different doing it for the cameras the young film makers and the professionals helped me loads".


The opportunity to work with a whole orchestra and a professional record producer was a real treat and an eye opener for all the young people involved. said "we looked up all this old 1960's music and spy film and wrote some music that felt mysterious. It sounded great on the film and made it really professional".